Top 7 Ways To Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Bridget Costello on Jan 6, 2016 8:30:00 AM
Bridget Costello


When Bill Gates said that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”, he was definitely onto something. Customer satisfaction levels are such a core component of business today; however, as common sense as it may seem, many organisations still underestimate the power of customer experience and satisfaction in terms of business operations and increased results.

Improving your customer satisfaction levels is imperative and below I’ve offered 7 easy steps to help you become more customer centric and improve your customer experience.

  1. Make Customer Satisfaction a Priority at all levels of your business – Success flows through every level of your business and it’s the same with customer experience. Being clear and communicative to all employees, from the bottom to the top, about your customer satisfaction goals and expectations, means that all employees will make it a priority.
  2. Don’t Treat Your Customer Like A Number – One of the key ways to increase customer satisfaction is to personalise each customer’s experience. By building a profile on each of your customers you can better address their personal needs, from checking notes to see why they called last time, to sending more personalised email communications.
  3. Respond in a Timely Manner – In today’s world, people are impatient. If they’re on hold for 30 minutes, or have to wait two days for an email response, their levels of satisfaction will drop. Ensure that you respond quickly, or if that’s not always possible, be transparent and clear to your customers about expected response time.
  4. Be approachable – Now when I say be approachable, I mean be in as many places as possible to communicate. Give your customers the opportunity to communicate with you across a variety of platforms showing that you are open to a range of communication and appreciate all comments and feedback.
  5. Offer More Than Your Customer Expects – The power of word of mouth is stronger than most companies realise. Therefore, by going above and beyond your customers’ expectations, your positive word of mouth will spread and your customers will be much happier and ultimately more loyal because of it.
  6. Always Deliver On What You Promised – Guarantee to respond within the hour? Told a customer their replacement product would be available in store tomorrow? Whatever it is you’ve promised to deliver on, do it. As long as you’re clear, your customers won’t mind if you say something will be done a little later than expected, but whatever deadline you provide them with, meet it. Otherwise your customer experience and satisfaction levels will start to dramatically drop. And hey, if you can deliver earlier, you’re only going to help with Point 6!
  7. Always Ask For Feedback – Your customers will always appreciate when their voice is heard. So simply ask – send out a monthly customer experience survey, do a short phone survey at the end of a call… whatever the method, by simply asking your customers to provide their feedback, they’ll feel more appreciated and therefore more satisfied with their brand, To really go above and beyond, you can always implement customer feedback too!

If you are taking the first steps to becoming Customer-Centric Download this ‘What is Design Thinking guide’ to explore the potential for your organisation

At the end of the day, a higher level of customer satisfaction means you can improve customer loyalty, increase customer sales, and ultimately build a stronger brand. So what are you waiting for? In the meantime, why not check out the 13 mistakes organisations make in becoming customer centric…and What is Design Thinkig?

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