Why a Design Thinking approach can deliver a higher value return

Posted by Chris Townsend on Mar 3, 2016 3:51:00 PM
Chris Townsend


As we know, standard approaches to process mapping, requirements gathering and process improvement can take months to execute with outputs often falling short of something that is useful for the business to instigate and maintain successful change or improvement. What we have found in the field is that a Human Centred approach, coupled with Design Thinking techniques, can not only accelerate this type of activity but also deliver outcomes that are of a higher value to the business.

 So how do we do it you ask? Well here’s our top 5 …

  1. Put People First - By taking a human view of processes and understanding the complex interactions of people, customers, systems, and business culture we achieve clarity though a more genuine and deeper understanding of what works (or doesn’t), and more importantly why. This is crucial in understanding and improving processes and functionally as well as providing a greater insight into what will or won’t work from a change perspective.
  1. Collaborate and Engage – Most processes require inputs from or affect multiple areas of any business and to be successful, they need to work together. Rather than talking with areas of the business in isolation, we employ techniques that bring areas of the business together to understand and improve processes collaboratively. This delivers ideas that are more complete with input and endorsement from all areas of the business.

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  1. Explore and be Bold – For this we need to put on our safari hats and start exploring into the darkest depths of businesses to understand not only process but context and culture. As outsiders we also have the perspective to see the big picture and challenge assumptions. It is from this territory where the real impact occurs and where the big ideas that are genuinely transformative come from.
  1. Death to Process Maps - Process maps are a great tool to document a process for a computer to follow but aren’t really that useful for ‘on the ground’ staff to engage with. We seek to employ a range of methods and deliverables that effectively communicate to all levels of staff increasing, engagement and understanding and decreasing the need for heavy documentation that just gets ignored.
  1. Get Lean, get Agile - Our approach from exploration to delivery seeks to deliver high value, high impact results with the least amount of waste. We believe the true value comes from the delivery of insights and actionable outcomes that translate into real business improvement. We do this by taking a Lean-Agile approach to documenting current processes as well as exploring, testing and iterating future processes.

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