Your Design Thinking Toolkit: Part One - The Post-It-Note

Posted by Bridget Costello on Dec 18, 2015 6:32:54 PM
Bridget Costello

So… the Design and Innovation workshop was a standout success; the audience went wild with expressing ideas; the buzz of engaged and enthusiastic voices is now slipping further away down the corridor and it’s time to capture all those thoughts so that no inspiration is lost in the gear shift from Design Thinking to design doing. 

You have walls full of Post-it notes and butchers paper sprayed with thoughts and inspiration and a deadline to be out of the room in 10 minutes as the CEO has it booked for a senior leadership meeting.  How to capture all that input fast… never fear, Post-it note App is here. It’s a great tool to capture your customer journey map, and Design Thinking strategy. 

Seriously though, before I begin to wax lyrical about this application, I am not a sales representative of the 3M group.  Besides which – bless ‘em – the app is available to download for free, which could be handy for your customer experience brain storming, visualising your Design Thinking process, or otherwise.


It allows you to;

  1. Photographically capture the Post-it note images as a collage
  2. It then renders the image into a digital format capturing all the handwritten content
  3. You are then able to transfer the collage of notes into a transportable file that can be read through either MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, a PDF or a ZIP file of images 

The Post-It note application is available for use on all good smart phones in the App Store.  A few clicks and you will have a handy way of photo capturing and transcribing all those sticky notes that the audience used to express themselves. 

The key to Post It Note success you ask?

It’s important to start at the beginning though with some essential instructions for success:

  • Ensure workshop participants have a fresh and functioning Sharpie
  • The colour of Sharpie they use should register visually  as a contrast to the colour of the Post-it note
  • Position your sticky notes so that they mostly do not overlap

If the above are your foundation steps then you will be well placed to make the most from this application.  Whilst the application is pretty simple and intuitive to use, below are a couple of tips I’m keen to share to maximise your success:

  • Once you’ve captured the image of your notes, double check the accuracy of what was captured in the application and correct the content if some have not loaded fully
  • Use the formatting function to tidy up the positioning of the notes to aid with preparing the collage for re-use in report formats

If you havn't bee involved in a Design Thinking Innovation workshop or stepped foot inside a Design Thinking Action Lab, watch this short video. Get an insight into creative ways to solve problems using Post it notes and get a feel for how you can foster innovation within your team.

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