The methodology of Design Thinking is an interesting and innovative concept. So how do you turn methodology into action? The four stages of Design Thinking are: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver. These four stages turn an organisation's concept into a tangible and realistic outcome...



The initial stage of the Design Thinking Process helps you to understand the nature of a problem or opportunity, its structure, how it is produced and what it means to people. SMS will help you to learn about your customers and what truly matters to them using a range of tools such as empathy mapping, buyer personas and customer journey maps.


The second stage of the Design Thinking process is about using insights from the Discover phase to refine ideas and create concepts, we understand what will work, what won’t, why and how. In this phase, we will work with you to visually document strategies to solve problems using tools such as affinity diagrams, opportunity maps and creativity tools.


The third stage of the Design Thinking process aims to refine the most likely and valuable solution to transform your idea into a tangible form. The sooner you make something tangible, the easier it is for people to engage with your ideas. In this phase, tools such as wireframes, service blueprints and prototypes are used to visualise your concepts.


The final stage of the Design Thinking process is to deliver on your outputs, and showcase the value of the solution you have created. By identifying the value of the design process you can prove the significant benefits for your customers and staff using tools such as the Business Model Canvas and proposals.

Take a look inside the Design Lab

Explore the SMS Design Lab in this exclusive video and see what really happens behind closed doors. This video will take you inside a live Design Thinking session showing the SMS Design Lab in action.

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